Monday, July 18, 2011

Hiragana Times

The U.S. has two faces that contradict each other. One is the symbol of peace as the world's police defending freedom, human rights and democracy. The other face is that of the world's largest military industrial empire/merchant of weapons.

For the merchant of weapons, North East Asia is the best market, and for that reason, they have to exaggerate the risk of emergency in the Korean peninsula and the Strait of Taiwan more than reality requires.

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  1. That's not all.
    The talk about "emergency in the Far East" is effective for semi-perpetual reviewing of the U.S.-Japan Mutual Security Pact and for solving the problems of the military bases in Okinawa.
    In fact, by exaggerating the risk of emergency in the Far East, (the Japanese government) could make a very convincing explanation to taxpayers about the defense budget this year - the special budget for the transfer of an American base and the purchase of a large quantity of weapons.
    Public opinion has been manipulated decisively.
    The two contradictory strategies of the U.S. were symbolized by the fact that General Luck, commander of the U.S. Forces in Korea, added to the tension by remarking "the question is when and how North Korea will collapse" while at the same time, the U.S. Secretary of State was saying "the U.S. won't spare support for North Korea which is stable for the time being."