Sunday, September 30, 2012

Press TV

Akbar Faraji: "Reuters has introduced us as assassins to the whole world. The truth must come to light and everyone should know that we are only a group of athletes. We are supervised by the Ministry of Sports and the federation of martial arts.”

Caren Firouz

Women ninjas in Karaj, northwest of Tehran.

Photographer Caren Firouz has been taking pictures of some of Iran’s estimated 3,500 female ninja-warriors-in-training.

Augustin Berque

Les sciences humaines, en France, utilisent souvent la formule « Moi, ici, maintenant ». Ce moi-ici-maintenant, c’est pour ainsi dire le repère fondamental de toute réflexion sur la réalité. C’est ce qu’on pose avant toute chose, et l’on pense volontiers que c’est universel.
Or aborder la langue japonaise fait douter de cette universalité. Prenez par exemple ce haïku d’Oshi :
        Fûrin no chiisaki oto no shita ni iru
Celui-ci nous parle d’abord d‘une chose (une clochette à vent, fûrin), du son léger (chiisaki oto) qu’elle émet au moindre souffle d’air, et d’une présence là-dessous (shita ni iru). Mot à mot, l’on aurait donc la traduction suivante : « De la clochette à vent / le tintinnabulement / se trouver dessous ». La langue française pousserait à poser, dans l’ordre inverse : « Je suis dessous / le tintinnabulement / de la clochette à vent ». Ce faisant, elle ne prendrait pas seulement cette scène à l’envers ; elle la décomposerait totalement, parce que l’essence de cette scène, c’est justement qu’elle se donne en l’absence de tout sujet. Il n’y a ici nul « je suis ». Le verbe iru indique seulement, dans sa forme impersonnelle, qu’il y a sous la clochette à vent un être vivant, plutôt qu’un objet inanimé. L’on ne peut même pas dire que cet être focaliserait la scène : ce qui est donné d’abord, c’est le son de la clochette à vent. Une ambiance, donc ; laquelle comprend certes l’existence de l’être qui est là-dessous, mais lui est structurellement antécédente, et pour tout dire prééminente.

Peter Drucker

The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th century was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the MANUAL WORKER in manufactur- ing. The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is similarly to increase the productivity of KNOWLEDGE WORK and the KNOWLEDGE WORKER.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Octavio Paz

Solitude, the feeling and knowledge that one is alone, alienated from the world and oneself-is not an exclusively Mexican characteristic. All men, at some moment in their lives feel themselves to be alone. And they are. To live is to be seperated from what we were in order to approach what we are going to be in the future. Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition.



Daniel Webster

Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of power. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.



Μάρκος Αυρήλιος

Μέμνησο ἐκ πόσου ταῦτα ἀναβάλλῃ καὶ ὁποσάκις προθεσμίας λαβὼν παρὰ τῶν θεῶν οὐ χρᾷ αὐταῖς. δεῖ δὲ ἤδη ποτὲ αἰσθέσθαι τίνος κόσμου μέρος εἶ καὶ τίνος διοικοῦντος τὸν κόσμον ἀπόρροια ὑπέστης καὶ ὅτι ὅρος ἐστί σοι περιγεγραμμένος τοῦ χρόνου, ᾧ ἐὰν εἰς τὸ ἀπαιθριάσαι μὴ χρήσῃ, οἰχήσεται οἰχήσῃ καὶ αὖθις οὐκ ἐξέσται.


Maybe I’m lost
Maybe I’m not ready
Maybe I was not properly socialized

I know the night drives
I know the afterglow
I know I look quieter than I feel

Aldous Huxley

For in spite of language, in spite of intelligence and intuition and sympathy, one can never really communicate anything to anybody. The essential substance of every thought and feeling remains incommunicable, locked up in the impenetrable strong-room of the individual soul and body. Our life is a sentence of perpetual solitary confinement.



Alain Jocard

Inauguration d’une vaste centrale solaire en Eure-et-Loir

L’ancienne base militaire de Crucey-Villages accueille désormais 250 hectares de panneaux photovoltaïques.

Magali Girardin

Le parc du Seujet dans l’œil participatif des gens du quartier

Une matinée de discussions nourries pour dessiner un meilleur avenir à cet îlot de verdure mal fréquenté.

Steve Hassan

Destructive mind control can be understood in terms of four basic components, which form the acronym BITE:
  1. Behavior Control
  2. Information Control
  3. Thought Control
  4. Emotional Control
It is important to understand that destructive mind control can be determined when the overall effect of these four components promotes dependency and obedience to some leader or cause. It is not necessary for every single item on the list to be present. Mind controlled cult members can live in their own apartments, have nine-to-five jobs, be married with children, and still be unable to think for themselves and act independently.








The Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the south-eastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation’s average. The Bible Belt consists of much of the Southern United States extending west into Texas and Oklahoma. During the colonial period (1607–1776), the South was a stronghold of the Anglican church. Its transition to a stronghold of non-Anglican Protestantism occurred gradually over the next century as a series of religious revival movements, many associated with the Baptist denomination, gained great popularity in the region.

Friday, September 28, 2012



Ken Henry

We’re living through an extraordinary period in economic and social history. Never before have such rapid economic transformations taken place on such a large scale. Asia’s rise is, of course, changing the world. …
When we speak about Asia’s prospects in the decades ahead we have to bear in mind that its success is not set in stone. Just as no single model accounts for the success experienced by Asian nations to this point, there is unlikely to be a single model for their futures.
The nations of Asia will each need to find their own paths forward — economically, politically and institutionally.
It is reasonable to expect, however, that productivity will be the main driver of economic growth in Asia for the next decade at least.

Kaori Muraji

Garin K. Hovannisian

Genocide denial might be a tumor on truth, memory, or even human dignity, but it’s not even a pimple on the freedom of expression. It’s an exercise – however false or disgusting – of that freedom …
A government that has the power to punish lies also has the power to punish truth (consider Turkey’s law that punishes those who denigrate “Turkishness”) and, really, to punish anything it pleases.
This was the terrible lesson of the 20th century, fleshed out in millions upon millions of carcasses across Joseph Stalin’s gulags, Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps, Pol Pot’s killing fields, and Mao Zedong’s torture chambers. …
That’s the key clause: right or wrong. Genocide deniers insult us. Yet in any decent society, their rights are the most vital, precisely because they are the most difficult to respect. Here’s the test of true democracy: Do we tolerate another’s view when it is thoroughly repulsive?
It is easier to shut deniers up than to make them stop believing. In a perilous reversal of its intended effect, this law would give to deniers two advantages they crave: exemption from the debate and the position of the oppressed. …
Censorship has long been the tool of people who are threatened by the facts – who can’t win a debate on equal terms.
Censors have sought to gain through power what they lack in argument: the truth.
… We should long for a society where those who deny documented crimes against humanity will not be fined or jailed, but worse, be exposed, humiliated, and condemned to oblivion.

Michael J. Bazyler

As a result of the enormous suffering inflicted upon the world by the Nazi regime, and especially Europe, a number of European countries have enacted laws criminalizing both the denial of the Holocaust and the promotion of Nazi ideology.
The aim of these laws is to prevent the resurrection of Nazism in Europe by stamping out at the earliest opportunity any public reemergence of Nazi views, whether through speech, symbols, or public association. …
… such laws and their strict enforcement is necessary to prevent the reemergence of Nazism, which, in a repeat of the events in pre-war Germany, is particularly attractive to individuals living in countries where unemployment and social dissatisfaction is high.
The anti-Nazi laws do not exist in every European country. Presently, the following European countries have some legislation criminalizing the Nazi message, including denial of the Holocaust: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Holocaust denial is also illegal in Israel. …
A last set of countries put a higher value on free speech over suppression of neo-Nazism and freely allow promotion of the Nazi message. In these countries, freedom of the press and freedom of speech are vehemently upheld even to the detriment of other rights. These countries include the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Scandinavian nations.

Thursday, September 27, 2012








その人たちと相互批判や相互啓発ができるのだろうか。まるで ル・ペン のような人たちと。


”東京カワイイ★TV” は

ナビゲーターは、沢村一樹。このイケメン中年俳優が、10代から20代の東京の女のコたちに体当たり!? テーマはずばり“カワイイ”。東京の女のコたちが次々に生み出す“カワイイ”ファッションや“カワイイ”アイテムの数々から、写メなどの“カワイイ”カルチャーまで。番組では、東京発の最新トレンドをフルカバー。



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mohamed Morsy

Egypt would like to stress that the international system will not get fixed as long as the application of double standards remains. We expect from others, as they expect from us, that they respect our cultural particularities and religious points of reference, and not seek to impose concepts that are unacceptable to us or politicize certain issues and use them as a pretext to intervene in the affairs of others.



Matt Blake

Duel by water cannon:
a Japanese coastguard patrol boat (top) and a Taiwanese counterpart (bottom) blast each other with water cannon as tensions escalated over the ownership of a tiny group of rocky islands in the South China Sea.

David Lieberman

Sometime soon, millions of people may find themselves unwittingly involved in a test that could profoundly change their daily routines, local economies and civic lives.
They’ll have to figure out how to keep up with City Hall, their neighborhoods and their kids’ schools as well as store openings, new products and sales without a 170-year-old staple of daily life: a local newspaper.
At least one city possibly San Francisco, Miami, Minneapolis or Cleveland likely will soon lose its last daily newspaper, analysts say. And it “could be a lot more widespread than people have been predicting,” says Mike Simonton, who tracks media debt for Fitch Ratings.
It’s hard to ignore that possibility as the pace of newspaper closings accelerates.
Starting today, Hearst’s 146-year-old Seattle Post-Intelligencer survives as a scaled-down online publication offering mostly commentary. That leaves The Seattle Times as the city’s only major paper-and-ink daily.
Gannett, parent of USA TODAY, may shutter the 140-year-old Tucson Citizen, which competes with the Arizona Daily Star, if a buyer can’t be found.
Last month, E.W. Scripps closed the Rocky Mountain News, leaving The Denver Post as the city’s sole major daily.


What we believe is at times exclusive of what we understand. We tend to believe what we were taught and what is accepted by majority of the society to be correct. Why do we so strongly believe in things we do not understand?

Steven Strogatz

Unfortunately, in the more than two millenniums since Euclid, the golden ratio has suffered from so much hype, numerology and wishful thinking that it’s become hard to separate the myth from the math. Many of its supposed occurrences in nature, anatomy, art and architecture don’t stand up to careful scrutiny. For example, you can find lots of books and Web sites claiming that the shell of the chambered nautilus obeys the golden ratio, but in reality, nautilus shells have average growth ratios between 1.24 and 1.43, quite far from 1.618.
So be skeptical the next time you see the golden ratio being used to sell blue jeans, stock tips or the perfect smile.

Robin Pogrebin

Imagine you’re a New York City building official, and the mayor’s office has decided to let an artist build a living room six stories up in the air and wrap it around a historic statue of Christopher Columbus in the middle of one of Manhattan’s busiest intersections.
Oh, and the plan is to have 100,000 people climb up stairs to view it.

Queen Noor

Work for life on earth as if your life is eternal, and work for life in heaven as if you could die tomorrow.

John Lennon

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace


  1. レジョネールよ、君は信義と忠誠をもってフランスにつくす志願兵である。
  2. それぞれのレジョネールは、国籍、人種、宗教にかかわらず君の戦友である。君は常に同じ家族の者達が団結しなければならないように、その強い連帯感を常に示さなければならない。
  3. 伝統の尊重、上官を慕い、規律と仲間意識をもつことは、君の力となり、勇気と素晴らしい美点となるだろう。
  4. レジョネールであることに誇りを持ち、身だしなみ、謙虚であるがそれにふさわしい振る舞い、あるいは清潔な兵舎の中に常にそれを示さなければならない。
  5. 精鋭兵士よ、君は厳しさを持って鍛錬し、最も大切な物として武器を手入れし、常に身体への配慮を怠ってはならない。
  6. 任務は絶対に尊重するものである、最後まで実行し、作戦においてもし必要ならば命をかけて実行しなければならない。
  7. 戦闘において、君は憎しみや偏見なしに行動し、敗者を尊重し、決して仲間の亡骸、負傷者、武器を見捨ててはならない。







Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Supplier Responsibility at Apple
Apple is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain. We insist that all of our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Our actions — from thorough site audits to industry-leading training programs — demonstrate this commitment.
Labor and Human Rights
Apple prohibits practices that threaten the rights of workers — even when local laws and customs permit such practices. We’ve taken action toward ending excessive recruitment fees, preventing the hiring of underage workers, and prohibiting discriminatory policies at our suppliers. There’s still work to be done, but we’re encouraged by the progress we’ve made thus far.
Worker Health and Safety
Apple requires suppliers to provide a workplace that’s both safe and healthy. Our suppliers must adopt strict safety standards and provide workers with safety training. And we’re working with our suppliers to roll out employee assistance programs to improve worker well-being.
Environmental Impact
Apple takes great care to design environmentally sound products. And we require our suppliers to use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever those products are made.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


かさねの色目 表色   裏色 色票 解説
枯色 淡香    冬枯れで野辺の草葉が淡茶色に変わっている情景
枯野 黄     淡青 野の面が雪や霜に逢って黄枯れてゆく、荒寥たる原野のさま
白     白 氷のつめたい感じ
氷重 鳥ノ子色  同じく、氷のつめたい感じ
雪の下 白     紅梅 雪に埋もれた紅梅の花
椿 蘇芳    寒椿の花

Al Jazeera and agencies

At the centre of the row are eight small and uninhabited islands, known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan and the Diaoyu Islands in China.
Both countries are interested in the islands for their potentially valuable gas reserves.
Both sides point to 1895 as a key year in their complicated dispute over the islands.
Japan claims that in January that year – around the same time it defeated China and colonised Taiwan – that it had taken owenership of the islands.
It is also quick to point out that the uninhabited islands showed no trace of having been under the control of China’s Qing Dynasty.
However, China claims the disputed islands have been part of its territory since “ancient times” and argues that Japan illegally took the islands in 1895 when it forced the Qing government to sign the Treaty of Shimonoseki.

Al Jazeera

Many young Chinese are losing faith in China’s economic miracle.
Although the nation’s economy has expanded to more than $7 trillion and is poised to overtake the US in the next decade as the world’s largest, fewer Chinese feel they are sharing in the prosperity.
A sense of disillusionment is spreading, particularly among the post-1980 generation, who are well-educated and mobile but still struggle to find profitable jobs.
The Chinese government predicts the economy will grow by 7.5 per cent in 2012, which would be the slowest growth rate since 1990. Economists say this could mean the loss of two million jobs.
At the same time a record number of new graduates, some 25 million Chinese, will be on the job hunt this year. Even those who find work are frequently disappointed.
Surveys show that young Chinese office workers in big cities are widely unhappy. Most complain of a feeling of insecurity.



Friday, September 21, 2012

Bengt Svensson

Reasons Type Instruments
Border   disputes
Will to expand
Aggressive   major power
All the listed reasons for conflict exist in Europe today, but ideology and the will to expand are less prevalent. Instead, four major reasons for conflict are likely to dominate during the next decade. First, there is the possibility of the resurfacing of ethnic and religious conflicts, combined with weak states to deal with the problems. Second, there is the potential for general political instability during transition from a totalitarian to a democratic state. Third, social tension can boil over, following a shift to a market economy and the emergence of large economic differences between countries. Fourth, there is the potential for environmental hazards, due to lack of resources and differing priorities for protection of the environment.
All kinds of conflicts are possible, but intrastate are more likely. The risk for conflicts between states exists as long as nation states remain. The security structure in Europe and economic dependence reduce the risk. The multitudes of internal problems in Eastern Europe increases the risk for intrastate conflicts. The only possible aggressive major power in Europe is Russia.
War, as an instrument to solve conflict, is not obsolete in Europe. Wars in former Yugoslavia and in Chechnya indicate this. The example of Yugoslavia also shows that it is possible to destroy a state in Europe.178 It is important not to confuse the reason for a conflict with the methods to solve it.



Albert Camus

Tout homme est un criminel qui s’ignore. Le criminel objectif est celui qui, justement, croyait être innocent.









Joseph Trento

The United States deliberately allowed Japan access to the United States’ most secret nuclear weapons facilities while it transferred tens of billions of dollars worth of American tax paid research that has allowed Japan to amass 70 tons of weapons grade plutonium since the 1980s, a National Security News Service investigation reveals. These activities repeatedly violated U.S. laws regarding controls of sensitive nuclear materials that could be diverted to weapons programs in Japan. The NSNS investigation found that the United States has known about a secret nuclear weapons program in Japan since the 1960s, according to CIA reports.

Energy has always been Japan’s Achilles’ heel. Her need for oil in the face of an American embargo triggered Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, and the continued shortage was a recurring theme in her defeat in that war. Only one act could take more credit for Japan’s humiliation – the splitting of the atom that gave birth to the nuclear bomb. Now Japan would turn that same atom to its own purposes — to ensure a stable source of energy well into the next century and, equally important, to ensure that the homeland never again suffered the indignity of defeat.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joseph Sternberg

An editor once admonished that one should avoid negatives at the start of a story—readers want to know what the news is, not what it is not. Yet in the case of Japan’s summer electricity “shortage” the story really is what did not happen: The lights did not go out over the past few months.
This is surprising, to some at least, because the country has used next to no nuclear-generated electricity during that span.

Yuichiro Hoshi, Shinichi Mochizuki

Let Σ be a nonempty set of prime numbers. In the present paper, we continue our study of the pro- Σ fundamental groups of hyperbolic curves and their associated con guration spaces over algebraically closed elds of characteristic zero. Our first main result asserts, roughly speaking, that if an F-admissible automorphism [i.e., an automorphism that preserves the fi ber subgroups that arise as kernels associated to the various natural projections of the configuration space under consideration to con guration spaces of lower dimension] of a configuration space group arises from an F-admissible automorphism of a configuration space group [arising from a con figuration space] of strictly higher dimension, then it is necessarily FC-admissible, i.e., preserves the cuspidal inertia subgroups of the various subquotients corresponding to surface groups.



第1章 今やなつかしい格差社会
第2章 そして日本からは「勝ち組」がいなくなった?
第3章 衰退社会の恐ろしき負のパワーと対立軸
第4章 衰退社会で最も嫌われる「既得権益者」とは誰か
第5章 衰退社会2.0に辿り着くまでのプロセス
第6章 最も恐ろしい目に遭う中途半端な勝ち組の金持ち
第7章 日本を脱出できる人材ってどれだけいるのだろう
終章 衰退社会とカオス化の行方

The Morgan Library & Museum

Boston Public Library

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


西欧文明から逃れて日本の生活の中に入るのは、十気圧の空気から逃れて完全に正常な環境に入るようなものです。さらに告白しなければならないことは、西洋の本質的な特徴である個人主義 (The Individuality) がまさに欠けているということが、私にとっては日本の社会生活の魅力のひとつであるということです。というのは、この日本では、誰ひとりとして他人を犠牲にして自らの個性を実現しようとする者はいないからです。

Lafcadio Hearn

… the sense of existence here is like that of escaping from an almost unbearable atmospheric pressure into a rarefied, highly oxygenated medium. That feeling continues: in Japan the law of life is not as with us, — that each one strives to expand his own individuality at the expense of his neighbour’s. But on the other hand, how much one loses! Never a fine inspiration, a deep emotion, a profound joy or a profoimd pain — never a thrill, or, as the French say so much better than we, a frisson. So literary work is dry, bony, hard, dead work. …
… But how sweet the Japanese woman is! — all the possibilities of the race for goodness seem to be concentrated in her. It shakes one’s faith in some Occidental doctrines. If this be the result of suppression and oppression, — then these are not altogether bad. On the other hand, how diamond-hard the character of the American woman becomes under the idolatry of which she is the Subject. …
… I doubt, or rather I wish to doubt, that the development of individuality is a lofty or desirable tendency. Much of what is called personality and individuality is intensely repellent, and makes the principal misery of Occidental life. It means much that is connected with pure aggressive selfishness: and its extraordinary development in a country like America or England seems a confirmation of Viscount Torio’s theory that Western civilization has the defect of cultivating the individual at the expense only of the mass, and giving unbounded opportunities to human selfishness, unrestrained by religious sentiment, law, or emotional feeling.


In January-August 2012,
  • M0 money supply (the monetary base or narrow money) rose by 53.3%.
  • M1 money supply (currency in circulation/transferable deposits) expanded by 44.7%.
  • M2 money supply (M1 and other deposits) increased by 43%.
  • M3 money supply (the broadest type of money) expanded by 34.3%.




msn産経ニュースwest, 井上トシユキ


Jeff Beck, Jason Rebello, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tal Wilkenfeld


Jerome K. Jerome

“There is but one story,” he went on, after a long pause, uttering his own thoughts aloud rather than speaking to me. “We sit at our desks and think and think, and write and write, but the story is ever the same. Men told it and men listened to it many years ago; we are telling it to one another to-day; we shall be telling it to one another a thousand years hence; and the story is: ‘Once upon a time there lived a man, and a woman who loved him.’ The little critic cries that it is not new, and asks for something fresh, thinking–as children do–that there are strange things in the world.”

Monday, September 17, 2012


神道政治連盟は、世界に誇る日本の文化・ 伝統を後世に正しく伝えることを目的に、昭和44年に結成された団体です。 戦後の日本は、経済発展によって物質的には豊かになりましたが、 その反面、精神的な価値よりも金銭的な価値が優先される風潮や、 思い遣りやいたわりの心を欠く個人主義的な傾向が強まり、 今日では多くの問題を抱えるようになりました。 神政連は、日本らしさ、日本人らしさが 忘れられつつある今の時代に、 戦後おろそかにされてきた精神的な価値の大切さを訴え、 私たちが生まれたこの国に自信と誇りを取り戻すために、 さまざまな国民運動に取り組んでいます。
  • 世界に誇る皇室と日本の文化伝統を大切にする社会づくりを目指します。
  • 日本の歴史と国柄を踏まえた、誇りの持てる新憲法の制定を目指します。
  • 日本のために尊い命を捧げられた、靖国の英霊に対する国家儀礼の確立を目指します。
  • 日本の未来に希望の持てる、心豊かな子どもたちを育む教育の実現を目指します。
  • 世界から尊敬される道義国家、世界に貢献できる国家の確立を目指します。


人は忘れ得ぬ女たちに、偶然の機会に、出会う。そのまま二度と会わぬこともあり、そのときから長いつき合いが始まって、それが終ることもあり、終らずにつづいてゆくとこもある。しかし忘れ得ないのは、あるときの、ある女の、ある表情・姿態・言葉である。それを再び見出すことはできない。 …
理解するとは、分類することである。一人の女が他の女に似ている点に注目する。あるいは、一人の男がもう一人の男に似ている点に。しかし愛するとは、分類を拒むことである。その女を愛するのは、他の誰にも似ていないから、つまりかけ替えがないからである。 …

Simon May

We can deeply love what we do not know, but we cannot deeply know what we do not love.


The German subsidiary of MBDA says that the solid-state laser weapon it is developing has now reached an output power of 40 kW.
The power level exceeds the 25 kW levels achieved so far by US rivals – and the company says that it will shortly begin testing the system at a “proving ground” in Oberjettenberg, with the aim of shooting down an airborne target for the first time.

Kate Middleton


日本国内の高い賃金コスト、高い法人税率、厳しい環境規制。それらに加えて、日本が海外と積極的に自由貿易協定を結べないため、日本からの輸出がハンディーを負っている。東日本大震災と原発事故を受けて、電力の供給に不安が出てきた。その上に世界的な金融危機で為替は円高になっている。これでは、日本国内で生産を続けるのは難しい。だから海外に出て行くしかない。 海外に出て行こうとする企業の首に縄をつけても国内にとどめるというわけにはいかない。

Fred Meier

Toyota reported an 18% plunge in its fiscal second-quarter profit to $1 billion, and more important, the company said its situation now is too uncertain to give forecasts for its full fiscal year ending in March 2012. The company said production and sales have taken successive hits from parts shortages caused first by the March tsunami in Japan and now by the flooding in Thailand, which is a major auto parts producing center. Profits also have been squeezed by the powerful rise in the yen.


  • 1980年代後半、プラザ合意による円高を背景とした国内工場移転
  • 1990年代中頃、円高を背景とした国内工場移転
  • 2000年代、コスト削減のためにWTO加盟を契機に「世界の工場」として急速に台頭する中国など、グローバル化による新興国への国内工場移転
  • 2010年代、世界同時不況において世界各国の中央銀行が大規模な量的金融緩和を行っているのに対し、日本銀行による量的金融緩和が相対的に不足しているために起こっている円高を背景とした空洞化議論。


わが国における産業の空洞化懸念に関する議論は、1985 年のプラザ合意後に急速に進んだ円高期におけるいわゆる円高不況の時期より本格的にはじまったとされている。その後も、いわゆるバブル景気の一時期を除き、円高傾向が定着する中、アジア諸国の急速な経済発展等による大競争時代の到来とともに、国内産業の空洞化懸念は続いている。

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63% of men and 60% of women admit that they would lie to their partner to avoid an argument.





そうやって、細部ではなく、大局である、構図を見ていく。 細部が見えないようにして、という方法はこの大局を見る時点でとても重要なのだ。もちろんディテールもとても大切だ。だけど、その細密表現の中でも、重要なものと、そうでないものがある。それがどれなのか?それは一歩下がると見えてくる。

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At a time when the “hollowing out” of Japan’s economy, in train now for three decades, is widely perceived to be accelerating, the country’s industrialists must feel they cannot win. … In the words of Yuki Kuboshima, Japanese business lost 10-20 years as it embraced globalisation in the markets it did business in, but not in its management. …
Japan is already uncompetitive in a range of products … it is moving up the value chain just as it has always been advised to do. But one reason the yen remains strong is that the current account remains healthily in surplus. That is thanks in large part to flows of income from investments overseas. Hollowing out—shipping jobs overseas, and sending profits home—does have its compensations.

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The attack apparently occurred because in recent days, the al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri posted a video online calling on Libyans to avenge the killing of al-Qaeda’s second in command, Abu Yahya al-Libi.
According to our own sources at Quilliam Foundation, the attack was the work of roughly 20 militants, prepared for a military assault. It is rare, for example, that an RPG7 — an anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher — would be present at a civilian protest. The attack against the consulate had two waves. The first attack led to U.S. officials being evacuated from the consulate by Libyan security forces, only for the second wave to be launched against U.S. officials after they were kept at a secure location.
Jihadists will want the world to believe that the attack is just a part of the protests against an amateur film produced in the U.S., which includes crude insults regarding the Prophet Mohammed. They will want the world to think that their actions represent a popular Libyan and wider Muslim reaction; thus, reversing the perception of jihadists being outcasts from their own societies. Since there were similar protests in Egypt against the film, it is possible that more protests may erupt in Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.





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Dogs are very different from a lot of other animals we work with because they are hyper-social and hypersensitive to everything we do. Dogs are so tuned in to people that they are the only animal that can follow a person’s gaze or pointing finger to figure out where a piece of food is hidden. Wolves can’t do it, and neither can chimpanzees.

Dogs are genetic wolves that evolved to live and communicate with humans. That’s why dogs are so easy to train compared to other animals.






ムーンライト・ブルー:  月光をイメージするような薄い青を表す色名です。 ... 日本語の月色、月白は月の光の色ですが、月白を「つきしろ」と読むと、月が出ようとするとき空が白むことをいいます。

ミスト・グリーン:  靄がかかったような緑みの灰色です。濃い霧のフォグ・ブルー、 ... 曇り空のクラウディ・ピンク、という色名もあります。 ... 日本語でも、曇った空のようなはっきりしない色を曇色、霞のような色を霞色といいます。

時雨の色:  「時雨」は「過ぐる」からきた言葉で、「通り雨」の意。晩秋から初冬にかけて降る通り雨です。時雨の色は、時雨に打たれて色づいた草木の葉の色をいいます。